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Developed with merged digital identities, Using IDX, all applications can access a shared, globally-available identity layer which contains combined users identities. Built 100% on permissionless procedures, IDX allows users and their most crucial info to effortlessly stream and interoperate throughout platforms, while providing users the ownership and control they demand.

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A unified digital footprint! The core of each identity includes a decentralized identifier (DID) which serves as a globally-unique ID and an identity index which monitors an identity's details. IDX enables designers to release identities as well as develop, read, update, and erase a range of metadata and info related to the identity, consisting of however not restricted to: Several user profiles for different contexts or applications, Portable social charts, from followers to contacts and family, Links to multiple blockchain accounts from different protocols (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, NEAR, Flow, etc)Links to existing social accounts (Twitter, Github, Discord, Matrix, etc)Links to domain (DNS, ENS, Unstoppable, Handshake, and so on)All DIDs, identity indexes, and metadata are safely kept on Ceramic's permissionless file management network.

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For example you might lookup a user's profile based upon their DID, their Ethereum account, or their Twitter manage; or you could lookup a user's Filecoin account based on their Polkadot account. We are working with The Chart on indexing these identity structures which will open numerous brand-new chances in this world.

If you also need a way of storing and managing user data, you have 3 primary alternatives. Use Check For Updates to straight keep documents on the Ceramic Network and add recommendations to those documents in the user's index. For this alternative, no additional software application is required; it works out of the box with IDX.Store data in alternative data storage systems such as Filecoin, IPFS, Sia, Arweave, Fabric, Orbit, DB, Secure Data Stores, or Ethereum contracts and use IDX to add references to this information in your user's index.

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This is true despite where the information resides (servers or decentralized networks) or which application initially created the information. The identity index includes mappings to numerous data sources, Share information across applications and silos, As described above, the key element of IDX that de-silos details, promotes interoperability, and makes it possible for user control is the identity index.

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